Wipe Them All Out

If I were God, I would have wiped out human-kind after Cain killed Abel.

I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind as we studied the first chapters of Genesis in Sunday School. Thankfully, I’m not God.

Earlier this month we read in Genesis chapter 1 a beautiful account oimg_0916f God’s first action – Creating. Our Sunday School teacher has a gift in asking questions which immerse us in the story. As a visual person, my mind began to create as well. Imagining how the earth, sky and animals may have looked during those first days. The beauty of the first sunrise and sunset.

Then, the fall. Adam and Eve blew it big time. Eve, along with Adam, fell for the devil’s lie and sin was born. If I’m honest with myself, and as much as I’d like to say I’d “never do that”, who wouldn’t want to be like God. I can say, now knowing the outcome, that I’d never disobey God. As soon as I think that there is a voice telling me, “Oh really, now?! What about the time you….”

This morning we read from the chapter in Genesis where Cain killed his brother, Abel. Our class discussed a great many past and current issues. But, time and time again, my thoughts could come back to why in the world didn’t God just cut his losses and wipe everyone out that minute instead of waiting all those years until Noah and the flood? 

God’s character. It all comes back to His wonderful, merciful, gracious character. Does God get angry? You bet He does and I do not blame him one bit. My small mind can only imagine what God feels when He sees us, time after time, mess up in big and small ways. Yet, as a parent, I compare it to what I feel with our children. The love, the sadness, and the joy we feel as we watch and help our children navigate life.

God’s love. God’s mercy. And God of second chances. Oh, how He sings over us! I am so glad He is God and I am not.


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