Behind the register

I went in for flowers.

I came out feeling like I just had an appointment with God.

Missions, per Google, is an important assignment carried out for…religious purposes typically involving travel.

When I think of missions I think of a foreign land filled with people who have yet to hear the powerful message of God’s love.

Missions can also be at home. In everyday, ordinary moment. When our children were little, I considered raising and teaching them my mission field. It is, after all, an important assignment.

Today, as I stood ready to pay for my items, the person behind the cash register asked me a question. Now, we are not total strangers so her question did not bother me. What happened in the next five minutes (no worries, I was the only one there) had me feeling like she was a vessel God used in that moment.

As I’ve said before, I’m a crier who doesn’t like crying in public. So it should not come as a surprise my eyes began to sting. Even though she and I are not close by any means, there were times I knew what she was speaking was coming from God. I will say I did give myself a mental high-five for only having my eyes tear up and not spill over. (success!) 

I walked away with not only beautiful flowers but a feeling of peace. A feeling of love. A feeling that the person behind the cash register has found her mission field.



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