friday, FriDAY, FRIDAY

Guess what?! It is Friday! If anyone reads this, I’m sure you are thanking me right now for reminding you that it is FRIDAY! You’re welcome. Anything I can do to bring joy to this circus-of-a-life/world.

Friday is my weekly day off from my paying job. So, naturally I love Thursday afternoons. It’s not like I hate my job, I just love a day with no pressure, stress or having to be somewhere at a certain time…in real clothes and not sweats or pajamas. I’m sure you all understand.

As I’m sure you’re all wondering how my week went. Well, aren’t you the kindest bunch. Thank you so very much for asking. I normally have difficulty remembering yesterday so I will try to reach into the deep, deep, very deep parts of my mind…it won’t be easy so hold for one moment and enjoy this hold music.

And, you are also welcome for that.

I was a bit disappointed to missed the above performance. It is Natasha Bure (Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter) and I was really interested in hearing her sing when it was announced she would be on The Voice try-outs. Well, one can only flip between Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) and The Voice so many times before missing something. I not only missed Natasha singing but also a live-on-air marriage proposal between two DWTS professional dancers.(she said yes) I mean really, what are the odds? #TVChannelFlippingFail And, here I thought I was a channel-flipping professional.

Tuesday, oh Tuesday, how we will remember you. After supper I was cleaning up. I looked out the back window as I threw away trash. Imagine my surprise to find our ever-obedient dog (yeah, that was hard to type without laughing) walking behind our row of Evergreens happy as a clam. Why was this such a surprise, you ask. Well, I’ll tell you why it was such a surprise. He was well PAST the invisible fence boundary wire!!!

I knew we had an issue with our underground “pet containment system” but I and hubs had been living in denial for a few months now. We actually like the Land of Denial at times. I have been thinking about running for President. President Deanna of the Land of Denial has such a nice ring to it. And, if I wouldn’t get elected there, Queen Deanna of Dream Land would be even better. But, one can only stay in that lovely Land of Denial for so long before the Land of Reality gives one a swift kick in the gut.

So after much testing and questioning and whining (on my part), a call was made to the manufacturer. And, on speaker phone so both of us could hear, the really nice man slapped us back into reality. We had hoped for the simple solution but no. No. No. No. It is a fault in the wire UNDERGROUND. To be fair, the buried wire is 16 years old. The trees and bushes it runs behind have grown. And, without it working properly there is no way to figure out where the wire is buried. Imagine this, if you will:



After we pulled ourselves (okay, just me) together, hubs had a brilliant thought. “Hey, someone makes a wireless fence!” (no actual wire to bury) So, today, FRIDAY, our postal carrier will deliver said wireless fence. All I can say is it better work and let the training commence!

Wednesday was Wednesday. Thursday was Friday eve. So here we are now on a lovely Friday without any errands to run, no doctor appoints to take my dad to, no major house cleaning…just a day to do nothing**. I love, love, love these kinds of days. A day that is filled with sun and a lovely blue sky (don’t worry Florida and Carolina family and friends, I’m praying for ya as a Hurricane battles your shores!) as I sit on the porch boring you, dear Reader, with my exciting week. I know, I know…you’re welcome.

How was your week?

**Moms of littles, I hear your shocked gasp when reading “a day to do nothing”. I know, it isn’t fair to you. But, let it also be an encouragement that one day your littles will be biggers and you too may have a day with nothing to do but sit and read, write, or just breathe. As the littles get bigger and as your own parents age, different demands will appear so I don’t want to give the impression of “my work is done”. Enjoy each season. When I do have the rare day like today, in all honesty, it has taken me quite some time to get used to the quiet I could only dream about. It was really weird at first. But, now, even though adult children will still need you even though they like to live in the Land of Denial and say they don’t, this “me-time” is a precious thing.



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