Of Baseball and Books

It’s October. I can hear you all thinking, “Thanks, Sherlock.” To which I reply, “Why, you are ever so welcome!”

Apparently October means baseball playoffs or whatever term is used for baseball games leading up to the world series. Hubs and daughter #2 are watching a baseball game and talking sports. Honestly, all I hear is “blah, blah, blah, that was pretty low, blah, blah, blah the catcher thought that was a ball, blah, blah . . .”

Every now and then the male in the house begins to talk very loudly at the men in the little TV screen. It seems to me most of the male species seem to believe those in the TV can hear them. Bless their hearts. Should we tell them or let them live in their own version of reality?

So, in between the loud talking to the men in the TV and the roar of the announcers, I try . . . yes, try, to read a book. I know everyone is busy but below are a few (of many) books I’ve read and think you should check them out, too. But, I’m not the boss of you.

Stack Of Books
What a lovely sight.

In no particular order:

The Lady and the Lionheart  if you only have one book to read the rest of this year, which is really sad if you ask me-where are your priorities?!, READ THIS ONE. In my mind it is an allegory of the Gospel. Think C.S. Lewis-ish. She is a new author to me and I am so looking forward in reading more!

Any book by Jody Hedlund seriously. Her two latest books, Forever Safe and Newton & Polly,  are excellent! Favorites from Jody are so are to pick. She has multiple series so it might be best to go to her website and check out all her books there. 

A new local writer, Jill Kemerer, has some great books. I’m on her influencer team for her newest book, Yuletide Redemption. Even though I’m not very far into it yet, I’m hooked. Plus, local Christian author. I mean, really, how can one not check her books out!

My friend, Julie Momyer, wrote a novel you must truly read. Seriously. Kiss Me Awake is excellent. My sister-in-love is not a reader but was going on a trip where her husband would be off doing other things. She came to me asking for book that are really good and would keep her interested. This was the top of my list for her since it is a mystery/romance. She read it and loved it.

Melissa Jagears was new to me a few years ago. She had a free e-book I downloaded and have been hooked ever since. 

Katie Ganshert is a great writer and has many books that are equally great. She also had a series she published under a different name, K. E. Ganshert, called The Gifting Series. There are three in the series and it seriously should be made into a movie. Really. I plowed through all three books in a matter of days. 

There are so many more great writers out there. So many more I could have set you up with links to but my mind is beginning to say, “Oh, I need to…”. Happy reading…or baseballing if that is your thing.


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