Soakin’ Up the Sun

It’s Sunday and beautiful outside with nary a cloud in the sky. Can we discuss the lack of modern day usage of the word nary? It’s a fun word yet one nary hears it used. But, I digress. Or something like that.

The beauty of the day has me thinking I need to get outside and soak up as much sun and sixty-degree warmth as possible. Winter’s wrath of cold, snow, ice, and the sun mostly hiding is lurking behind those gorgeous blues.

Within the last few weeks several people I know have ended up in the hospital. Like life-threatening conditions. One minute their lives were going along in the “same-old-same-old” mode and the next, their lives and lives of the ones who love them changed forever. Life can change just like “that”.

What if, just like wanting to soak up the last days of gorgeous weather, we lived our lives with urgency.

Urgency to live life to the fullest. Urgency to follow Christ’s commands and, “Go, make disciples of all nations.”  Urgency to love those who are difficult to love. Urgency to be kind and not let that tongue spew out words that cannot be retrieved once said. Urgency to get right with God. Urgency to give grace and forgiveness. Urgency in not wasting the day with drama and pettiness.

When I look at the urgent cries I just wrote (above) I want to curl up in a ball and hide. It is overwhelming. I do not live up to any of those urgent cries. I feel like a hypocrite most days. I am a mere human. But, you know what? We are all human in this crazy world together. Maybe the question should be, “How can God use me today.”

Perhaps when we allow God to use us for His good those urgent cries will be lived out in beauty.

May our minds turn to thankfulness and gracious living all our days.


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