Take a Seat

I know this may come as a shock to you, but listen. Are you sitting down? I’m not kidding. If you are using those newfangled phones and are talented enough to read and walk at the same time, stop, drop and roll. Wait… Forget the roll. Just stop because dropping may cause concern and next thing you know some good-looking EMTs show up so just…stop (hammer time – you are singing the song and doing the dance now, aren’t you?!). Are you ready?

Thanksgiving is this week! Did you hear me?! Thanksgiving.this.week.

That announcement could incite one of a few things. Panic because turkey needs to thaw and it always takes long than the instructions say. Trust me. It always takes longer. Always. Or giddiness over a day off of work to enjoy the company of those you love.

I’m a mix of both. Panic because the turkey breast (I’m so over the entire turkey) I bought is in a bag that reads, “No need to thaw.” “From Freezer to Oven.” Pray for me.

And thanksgiving-2giddiness in realizing this is the first Thanksgiving in two or three years we will have all of our kiddos home. No pressure, Turkey. No.pressure.

Since I hate the pressure filled, “What are you thankful for” game, I won’t ask. Even though thankfulness is a mindset (and I often fail at it), in your down time (said no woman ever), or when your hand is in the turkey digging for the giblets (why, turkey people, why?!), think about and thank God for all the blessings. Even in the darkest of times, there is beauty, if we are willing to look harden enough to see it.

In other news, I heard a new simile and I can’t wait to use it at the right moment in time. After telling a particular story of how he was a bit worked up, my dad said, “I was as nervous as a pregnant nun.” Bahahahaaa! You cannot wait to use it now, can you. In my curiosity I went online to see if this is an already made up simile or if his eighty-nine year old mind made it up. It’s an often used simile. Why am I just now hearing of this?

Have a wonderful week, get that turkey out of the freezer NOW (on second thought who needs turkey when you can stuff yourself with all those glorious carb-filled sides?!), and never forget…

When company’s gone, sweat pants on.

You’ll thank me later for that most important tip of your life. You’re welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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