“Are you just (insert title here)?” “Do you just have one child?” “Are you just staying home with your children?”

Just. The word seems innocent enough. But, when used to describe a person, title or period of life, that little word just can sting. Just can devalue a person.

You’re/I’m just a mom/dad.

You’re just a student.


Would a person say, “You’re just a doctor”? “You’re just a lawyer”? “You’re just a child of God”? “I’m just a daughter of the God Placeholder ImageMost High”?


Words are hard. Especially in this period of time where it seems one can never say the “right thing”. After all, it isn’t hard for our human brain to take words spoken and twist it into something the person never intended.

Words offend. Humans can be mean. It’s a fact of life. Words are exchanged in heated moments or moments of hatred. Those words sting. Those words pierce the heart and can define a person if the person begins to believe the lies.

Sometimes words spoken past human lips are like an atomic bomb. Once spoken, certain words can mushroom and spread.

Words can rip apart families.

Yet, words whispered can soothe. Soothe a crying child. Soothe a scared or anxious friend. Release a person during the end of life. Soft, gentle and loving words.

Words encourage. “You can do it!” “I trust you.” “I love you.” “You have a real gift for teaching.” “You always serve me with a smile.” “I appreciate you and all you do.”

Words can make a person giggle or full-on belly laugh.

Words can make a person’s day.

Words. Let’s all (including me!) use them wisely.



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