Christmas. Can we discuss how Christmas is next weekend? Like 7 days away next weekend.

I will admit I had a slight moment of panic when I came to realize (last night) that Christmas is next weekend. The “what food am I taking to all the gatherings and why didn’t I pick up the ingredients when I was at the store yesterday” kind of moment.

I’ve been busy. And, some days? I am just trying to get through the day.

Why do “tasks” seem to get in the way of the real message of Christmas? Why does the noise of everyday life seem to get in the way of me living the meaning of Christmas out each day of the year?

Even in the silence, if I’m fortunate enough to sit in it, there is noise. My mind flits from here to there. Chores to finish. Words to write so I won’t forget. People to message. And, the list goes on.

Many years ago I wrote a reading for one of the Advent Sunday’s at church. I was in a meeting when we were told the theme for the Advent sermons. It was about getting rid of the noise and all the “to-do’s” and just sitting in God’s presence.

Being the introvert I am, I needed time to process the theme before throwing out any ideas for the services. And, as God often tends to do, He likes to give me ideas and words upon waking for the day. After firing up the computer, a rough draft was formed.

It so happened snow decided, for the fun of it, to ice up the roads. Church was cancelled the day it was to be read. I will admit I was all kinds of disappointed. I mean, why would God give me words to write and then….church is cancelled.

Sometimes the whys stay a mystery. And, that is okay.

So, here are those words. May it bless you. May it speak to you.

Silent Night?

Cows mooing
Sheep baaing
Goats bleating
Merchants talking
Birds chirping
People yelling
Children laughing
Hens clucking
Mothers scolding
Fathers working


God’s Angel speaking,

“The Lord has chosen you, Mary. He is with you always.”

Mary gasps.
“Don’t be afraid or surprised. God has a big job for you and you are the one to carry it through! You will be with child through the Holy Spirit and you will name him Jesus. He will be a great man and will be called the Son of the Most High. His Kingdom will never end.”

Mary pacing, “What? How can this be? I am a virgin, it is impossible!”
Hands wringing.

“Nothing is impossible with God, Mary.”
Closing eyes and smiling, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let everything you’ve said happen to me.”


Cars honking

Shoppers pushing
Dirty dishes sitting
Radios blaring
Television watching
Schedules demanding
Cell phone ringing
Computers calling
Laundry waiting
Factories roaring
Children crying
Text messaging


May we make time to hear God’s voice and, like Mary, answer, “I am the Lord’s servant.”


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