To Resolute or Not to Resolute,

that is the question.

It’s that time of end-of-year again. The time in which most of us are asked, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?”Is it just me or is there a ton of pressure in those words?

Which brings me to the title name. In playing with the words in the title, because I heard resolute used in a sentence once, I looked up the definition. Resolute and resolution are pretty much kissing cousins. Basically.

The definition of resolute is admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. See, kind of kissing cousins.

But, I found resolute’s synonyms fascinating. Wait. Did I just prove to the world what a nerd I am?

Synonyms include, but not limited to . . . determined, purposeful, adamant, firm, unswerving, unwavering, steadfast, unfaltering, unhesitating, persistent, spirited, brave, bold, courageous, plucky, gutsy, spunky, feisty, pertinacious

Determined. How will I be determined this new year? Will I go full steam ahead or will I stay in the comfortable place I’ve come to know?

stand-stillDetermination, in my little mind, requires action. However, in my determination will I go when God says, “Go,” and stop when God says, “Stop”? Sometimes we need to be determined in our waiting. Most of the time the wait is the hard, uncomfortable place.

Brave. Bold. Courageous. Is it wrong to love the idea of these three words? Oh how I wish I was brave, bold and courageous most of the time. To be brave, bold and courageous takes work. And, work is hard. Therefore, hard = scary. Yeah, I need help.

This is when it gets overwhelming just thinking of all of the “things” I should be doing or haven’t done. This is when I need to remember God is here with us. He is the one with the plan. Yeah, I may mess it up big time, but God’s plan always comes to fruition . . . despite me. He is God. I am not.

Some like to pick a word for the year and focus on the meaning of the word. Some like to do something more bucket list-ish. Some slide into the new year like it is just another day, because it is just another day. (Bet you can’t tell what camp I’ve been in for years!)

Whatever you like to do or not do, do it with resolute!

P.S. I recently purchased a Chronological Bible with daily readings. I start on January 1. I am terrible with follow through so keep me accountable and ask me how I’m doing at any point throughout the year!


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