When the World Is Full of Noise

This morning my thoughts centered around noise. I not only live in a world full of noise but there is noise within me. My mind almost refuses to shut down. And, how can I hear that still small voice of my Shepherd if my mind is racing or fixed upon all I need (?) to do?

In my “long-extended youth”, I often question if I’m really “doing” what God has planned. Have I missed His calling me into a beautiful part of His plan because I’ve been too busy with work, family, watching the latest movie, or just plain scared? Yes, that last admission hurt a bit.

As I was preparing to put into words what was on my mind this morning, I read a blog post from someone I follow. I have no idea who she is but she somehow found me in this bloggy-world and followed me. So, I checked out her blog and liked what I saw. Plus she is originally from Ohio so then there is that.

I liked the recent post on Beauty Beyond Bones so much I just had to share a few of her words.  Her eloquent words say so much more than I could have written:

“But it is in the silence that I finally am able to breath. Relax. Think.

And, with literally nothing else as a distraction, my mind is able to wander. And come to the sobering realization that this is missing from my life. The quiet. The stillness. The moments of no distractions where I can think and pray and listen.

I’ve been so restless these past few months about boys and life and career, and I wonder…when was the last time I sat in silence like this? And just think?

Not even church is an avenue for contemplation anymore, with its hymns and people watching, and interaction. All well and good – but admittedly, lacking the stillness.

God speaks to us in the stillness. As a “gentle whisper.” 1 Kings 19:12. We need to “stop and consider God’s wonders.” Job 37:14.

This is not such a simple matter. Being still is not nearly as cut and dry as we may think. Because honestly, when we slow down and be still, we have to sit with ourselves. We have to come face to face with some truths. With who we are. With who we’ve become.

And that, can be scary.

But I think, it’s a necessity. For growth. For our relationship with God. And our relationship with ourselves.”

I’m an introvert and love quiet. Yet, when it is time for self-reflection it is scary. I might have to actually do something. It won’t be comfortable. And as Beauty Beyond Bones stated, “…face to face with some truths…”

As I (and hopefully, we) begin to look through the cracked door of 2017, may courage reign as silence becomes intentional.


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