Can I be painfully (on my end) honest with you? I’m a prideful person. I use to think I wasn’t but…

So here’s the thing. The last post, Fearful Is My Middle Name, was actually a piece I sent to a pretty popular website for Christian women. The website accepted guest submissions for a limited time. I knew my chances were very low at getting accepted. But, I was being brave. Bravery is not my thing. So, I was pretty proud of the fact I actually submitted it.

I received the super nice (seriously)”rejection” email and even though I was disappointed I was honestly happy and proud I took the step and submitted it.

Now enters the pride part of this post. I became obsessed, in a way, with checking all the social media sites in which I shared my link to the Fearful Is My Middle Name post. I wanted likes. I wanted people to tell me how wonderful it was and how they could relate or thank me or something.

I know, right?! Who am I?! Sheesh?! Needy much?!

I guess I just wanted validation. Sure, I had others tell me it was good and how they were proud of me for stepping out. Why couldn’t that have been enough? Instead I got caught up in the lack of “likes” and comments.

Now, to be fair and honest, I rarely “like” or comment on posts I read. So why was I trying to use those responses to define my writing? I don’t have any answers at the moment besides going to God and getting a good look at contentment and perspective.

Because in the grand scheme of life, that little piece of me in written words isn’t what I need and want to draw attention to. It is God and all His Glory I need to point to and BE pointed to.

It is humbling. It is needed. And, He is still singing over us with love!

Another work of awesomeness by http://www.bluechairblessing.com

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