Givin’ up the fight to rest

I finally gave up the fight. It only took four days to realize I just needed to give up and rest. And, my friends, this is when giving up (or is it giving in) is a wondrous thing.

Basically in denial since Monday, I knew only an hour into my work day as I sat at my desk literally holding up my head and typing with one hand that I had to admit defeat. After disinfecting every device and surface in which I touched or breathed on, I bid farewell.

I quickly wiped down surfaces at home, loaded essential oils in the diffuser, sank my head into my pillow while wearing two sweaters and thick socks, ancoversd hunkered down under layers of blankets and slept. Slept.

Today I’m better but still a bit worn out. But, it got me thinking…yup, buckle up.

I started thinking about our need for rest. We can’t do everything. It eventually catches up to us. There are warning signs we tend to ignore because we have to be busy. And, the world tells us if we aren’t busy or at our jobs then we must be lazy. We need to pull our crazy scheduled-filled life over and park for a while.

When I “park” is when I think. Sometimes this is scary. Sometimes it is a bit refreshing to cut out all the everyday life noise.

Jesus and his disciples rested. (Mark 6:30-32) Earlier in the chapter they were driving out demons, healing and preaching. They didn’t have time to eat so Jesus said, “Hey, come on guys…I know a place where we can get a way for a bit and refocus.” (those are my words of what I just read)

So, don’t wait until you are sick. Schedule some time if you must. But, take some time to rest. It is good for your body and your soul.


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