Love your shirt!

“I love your shirt!” The kind, gentle dental hygienist announced as I hung up my coat. loved

“Thank you. I purchased it online at Blue Chair Blessing. If you like scripture word art and t-shirts that is a great place to look.”

She dug in her pocket, produced paper and grabbed a pen, “Oh, I need to write that down and look it up tonight.”

As she began the cleaning procedure she began to open up about a few things in her life. And, when her fingers were not in my mouth we would carry on a conversation comparable to old friends catching up. Keep in mind, we aren’t old friends. She cleans my teeth once or twice a year. Yet, again, this felt like we were old friends picking up where we left off.

We shared personal hurts and concerns with one another. I listened as she talked. No interrupting from me, as I tend to do, thinking I’m doing the person a favor by letting her know she isn’t alone in her struggle. But I know I need to listen without putting in my two cents.

So as she gently cleaned and quietly talked, I listened. Granted dental tools and her fingers were in my mouth so I really couldn’t interrupt, but I learned a lesson…a person’s heart can be heard when I just listen. And, perhaps I need to pretend I have dental tools in my mouth when friends talk to me! But, seriously, if that is what it takes!

I would never have expected a soft, comfy t-shirt to be the catalyst for a deep conversation with someone I see professionally a few times a year. And, to think I almost didn’t wear that shirt today. I had put it back in the drawer twice before I finally committed to it.

She thanked me as she walked me to the check-out. We locked eyes and she mouthed, thank you, again. And, all I could say to her in a quiet voice was, “Thank YOU.”

And, as I checked out after my appointment was finished, three more women in the office asked about my shirt. They too wrote down the website address.

As much as I have a love/hate relationship with my teeth, I believe this was all a part of God’s plan today. Not to give me fodder for a blog post but to perhaps announce His Love and I was just a mild messenger.


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