No Fear Friday

Hey, y’all. In case there was a deep seated fear I fell off the face of the earth, never fear for I am here. Or something like that.

What have I been doing since my last post on Valentine’s Day? Why, thanks for asking. You guys know how to make a girl feel loved. Binge watching. Yup, it is really the exciting life we all wish to have. So let’s discuss, shall we?

When Calls the Heart season 3 finally appeared on Netflix last Sunday so what else is a girl to do when waiting over a year to find out what happened after that season 2 cliffhanger?! Yes, it is a slightly cheese Hallmark production but Jack and that Canadian Mountie dimpled smile. And, can we discuss Opal? Is she not the cutest little 5 or 6-year-old you ever did see? Daughter #2, my binge watching buddy, may or may not name her first born daughter after her. If you haven’t given When Calls the Heart a chance, the first 3 seasons are now on Netflix.

This is Us. I can’t even begin to express my feeling for this show. Since I watch it almost every Tuesday night I really can’t include this in a binge watching category – perhaps invested would be a better word. If you haven’t watched This is Us on NBC, do it. One really should watch from the beginning. NBC’s website had certain episodes “unlocked” so try there first. After that, you are on your own. The writers and editors (and everyone in between) have done a great job with the flow of the show. I just can’t explain it.

On to my Wednesday after work fix obsession which was interrupted so now you know how busy my life really was this week. We do not have cable, satellite or any of those newfangled services. Just plain old antennae TV. And, because my love for Chip and Joanna is strong, I purchased the current season through Amazon. I get all kinds of giddy when I see an email bright and early each Wednesday morning informing little, old me there is a new episode of Fixer Upper waiting to be watched. Perhaps I am happier than I should be but CHIP AND JO JO!

Also, I have been attending a Wednesday night book study at church. It is Jenny Allen’s Chase. It is all kinds of good. Fear, courage, bravery currently pop up in this study. And, what seems to happen when studying those topics? Apparently those topics are ones in which I need to work upon. When I open my Bible, BOOM, a verse on fear. When I read a blog post, BOOM, there it is again. And, just last night I watch this video and TEARS. Please take some time to watch the video (I hope the link works!). Then, let me know in the comments if it struck you as hard as it did me. And, perhaps we can help one another scrub off that tattoo sleeve we’ve been wearing for years.

Last but certainly not least, I’ve been cleaning. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe. Actually I’ve been redoing some of the wall hangings/decorations. So basically I’m making a bigger mess. A lovely young lady whose parents are missionaries has been spending her college breaks with us since we are only a few hours from her school and we love her and she loves us. Well, spring break starts this weekend and she will be part of our family for about five glorious days. Cleaning and making sure we have actual meals for supper are high on the priority list when she stays. However, with my decoration obsession at the moment, that priority has lost its priority-ship. Now I need to focus as she will walk through the door tomorrow. And, now the dinning room table looks like frames and pictures with a little wood peeking through. Yet here I sit. Typing. Avoiding. Writing too many words in one paragraph. Yup, priorities.

Have a great fear-free, full of courage and bravery weekend! And, seriously, if you watch the video let’s discuss how we can help one another overcome!


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