For Love & Honor – a review

for love
Can we talk about my love for this cover for a minute or two?!


For Love & Honor is book three* in Jody Hedlund’s Young Adult series. Even though it is written with the younger set in mind, I, being of the older set, enjoyed it immensely.

Lady Sabine is secretly hiding a skin blemish only those closest to her know about. What is the big deal? It is the late 1300s where superstitions and witch hunting prevailed. It could put her life in danger and cause harm to those she loves. It is a period where station and appearances were everything.

Sir Bennet, a kind, handsome knight, is called home for a family emergency. Sir Bennet needs to come up with the money his brother owes neighboring Lords. It soon becomes clear the only option is Bennet marrying for money. This is painfully out of his character but there is no other choice.

Lady Sabine is a spunky, quick-witted young woman. I liked her immediately. Author Jody Hedlund weaves a gorgeous tale of the age-old thread women have in common – our outward flaws and how it may stop us from what God truly has in store. Every doubt, every comment, every ignorant “witch” cry tattooed on our arm.

Sir Bennet is in a tough position and it is hard not to love his honor and his acts of putting others before himself. A true gentleman with a very tough decision to make. He, too, must learn lessons about guilt and protectiveness as he begins to fall for Lady Sabine.

Such a wonderful message in a captivating story! Young and not so young will enjoy For Love & Honor.

What do I think you should do? Well, click over or run to your favorite bookstore! The series will make a great gift for yourself or a young woman in your life.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The opinions stated are entirely my own.

*Not counting The Vow, a novella, which kicked off the series.


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