Holding On To Him

And He is holding on to us.

Oh, what a week, month, year…you name it. Whatever you are going through and it seems as though the world has gone mad, God is still God and as much as we are holding on to him, or maybe it seems as if He has let go of us, He is still holding on to you. Holding us up, carrying us.

Sometimes it is hard to believe He is a caring God. Questions arise. No, lightning didn’t strike me down just now. He knows our thoughts. He knows who we are and our love for Him.

Hold on, dear friends. These struggles are a blip on the radar screen of life. Some are huge, filling up the entire screen and we wonder if we will ever recover. Hold on, dear friends. Hold on.

I don’t know what you’ve been or are going through. I will not diminish the hurt, the heartache, the not knowing if you’ll be able to breath through the pain.

He is there. Holding you. Aching with you. Hearing your questions, your pain, your shouting.

Cling to Him. There is hope.


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