Part of the Story

Okay, in the last four days I have started and deleted this post multiple times. Perhaps words are not necessary. Perhaps you should just watch the video without my babbling.

But, you know me by now and know I have to say something…just to give you some back story, of course.

The other night when I heard this song, even though I have listened to it hundreds of times – literally, I believe I heard it in a new way.

Our pain. Our suffering. Our hurts. Our passions. Our life. It is part of the story with our relationship with Christ. I mean, that is such a no-brainer but it took on fresh meaning the other night as I listened.

Basically I am saying I felt as if God was saying, “You know all that junk and garbage you went through? Yeah, that makes us closer. It may take you a little longer than it should, but you call on me. That junk makes you able to relate to others going through something similar. I know you want to know why you have to go through the junk. Don’t focus on that so much. Go with it and ask what is next and how you can help others.” (Sometimes God kind of gets in my face.)

I don’t know what God will say, if anything, to you through this song but take a listen.


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