When I moved to this little corner of the bloggy-world, I told myself, “Self, you will write on this blog at least once a week.”

Yeah, about that.

Is it me or has this thing we call time kicked into hyper-gear? It feels like someone has yelled, “Turbo boost, K.I.T.T.!” as I’m hanging on with all my might.

I cannot believe I just used a video of Knight Rider as a reference. What is happening to me?!?!?!

Time has a way of flying. Growing up, I was told, “The older you get the fast time flies.” I hate to admit that nugget of wisdom is true. We are all getting older by the minute. (sorry if you didn’t know that but, alas, it is true because SCIENCE)

And, I’m not sure how this post has made such a drastic turn toward aging. Because WRINKLES. So, let’s all pretend I didn’t write this. Yes, I could do the obvious and delete all these words but that would require more work on my part and you know I am getting older by the minute and therefore I should conserve my energy and do more constructive things like write this terribly long run-on sentence. My elementary English teachers will be proud.

Hey, I am so glad you stuck around to read this nonsensical post. I promise my next post won’t be so all over the place. I promise.

Have a great day! And, avoid aging. And, wrinkles. And, grey hair. And, K.I.T.T.


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