Let’s Talk Tuesday

I so just made up that title on the fly. Now I’m wondering if this could be a start of a “thing”. Because Tuesday is the new Monday. Or something like that. I should probably Google that title because some people get a wee bit crazy over titles and copyrights and all that jazz. I’ll do that another day…read that as I won’t and say I did.

Tonight, lets talk about TV shows. More specifically So You Think You Can Dance. I know, right?! Pirouette if you are excited about this season which appears on television sets everywhere on June 12? I see a few of you spinning like a top out there…

I am really looking forward to this season of SYTYCD (and don’t write me on the inappropriate moves and clothing. I’m old, give me one last joy on this earth.) Last season, well, if I am honest, which I am to a fault, I was disappointed. Last season was only for children. Yes, I know, cute as a button children and talented beyond belief but something was missing. So, as you can tell I am super excited.

Why am I gushing over SYTYCD? Art. Dance is art. Art is dance. (okay, just making things up as I go but you get the picture) Certain dances move me. Put the right amount of emotion, connection and moves to a song and you had me at the first spinning note. Dance can speak volumes when done tastefully. Let’s not talk about when I’m confused as to what that dance was “about”. Let’s focus on the good.

Home Town on HGTV. Let me hear the hammers pound if you discovered this Fixer Upper look-a-like. Let me say this, as much as I love my TV best friends, Chip and Jo-Jo, Ben and Erin Napier (Home Town hosts) are so stinking cute! I prefer Joanna’s decorating style as Erin’s is a bit too cluttered for my taste but it is still super cute. So, if you have a chance and can find someone who has cable, dish or whatever it is people have nowadays and invite yourself over, do it. So worth it.

Have I told you lately how much I love the book, Start With Amen by Beth Guckenberger? No, well I do! Seriously, it is such a wonderful book filled with so much truth. I’m on my second reading and learning so much. If you didn’t read my gushing on here last month, read it here.

Well, I could go on and on but I will spare you. If I start a regular “thing” like this on Tuesdays, what do you want to hear me babble about…I mean, really. Books, recipes, pet-peeves from the mart of wall . . . ? Let me know in the comments! This could get very interesting.

Have a great night!




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