Oh for the love of bonding

Oh, July, where oh where have you gone. I thought we talked about this. You promising to take your time. Me promising to keep you to your word and enjoy your long days. I felt a bond. Yet, here we are; you not following through on your promise and me remembering I expect too much out of people days. If anyone needs either of us, we will be in therapy…

And speaking of therapy, I’m seriously contemplating it. I mean, I started off this morning placing the coffee filter in my coffee cup instead of its proper location. I just stood there shaking my head and wondering if this was a precursor to the day. (I won’t even mention when someone asked me a question, the other morning, about where I was going later and all I could say was “Some house on some road.” Oiy.)

My day was instantly made better when I met Molly. A big “boned”, friendly, lovable Rottweiler. As the owner (is it wrong I don’t know the owners name but know the dogs name?) and I bonded over Rottweilers, I found Molly’s sweet spot behind her ear. She instantly loved me since she began the classic love lean and slobbered on my work shoes. I didn’t even mind the hair and the eye booger she gifted my pants. We bonded.

During lunch, drama. Why is it when something should be simple it becomes drama? Long story short, and after much hunting, a delivery company ended up leaving the package in rule number 1 of where to never leave a package. I called the company just to let the employer know it happened and what could have happened if I didn’t look in this spot on a hunch. It was a terrible place, people. The customer service rep was super nice and when I told her the package location, she may or may not have gotten angry herself. So basically I got a person in trouble over my lunch hour. But, the customer service rep and I bonded over phone calls where the customer mistakenly takes their anger out on us.

So, if you are keeping score…bonding has been the word of the day.

How was your day?




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