The Next Page

The treacherous trail undid her. Riddled with steep climbs and sharp curves, she breathed a prayer of thanks for her survival. She had little time to contemplate her life as thoughts of staying alive on the trail consumed her.

There has to be more to life than this.

There it was again, the hijacking thought filling her with discontent. She prayed time alone breathing in fresh air would clear her heart and mind.

Her toe grazed the line between the dirt path and the beginning of the arched, stone bridge. This. This is the reason for the journey.

The old, stone bridge stood majestically against the trees. Sun highlighting the beauty it seemed bent on showing her. Yet, with the mighty arch, she could not see what lay at the end. The unknown terrified her. What if the other side is far worse than the journey taken thus far?

Ah, but what if it is better? Came a voice.

Taking a breath of amen, she cautiously stepped onto the cold, stone bridge. Each graceful step of faith lead her closer to witnessing unknown. Lips curved as she reflected on how often her struggles ended in joy.

Slowly, like a new page of life being turned, the other side came into view. Her breath hitched. She was home.


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