The Call Back

“I talked to you about 15 minutes ago and just want to apologize for being rude.”36431206 - close up on female hand holding phone at office desk

This was a first. “Oh, no! You were not rude!”

Even though I continued telling him he was not rude, he kept saying, “I feel I was.”

I really wanted to tell him, “I have had rude callers who make me want to reach through the phone and shake them. Rude you.were.not!”

I tried to convince him one more time and simply thanked him for calling back.

What made this man pick the phone back up and call me? Did he have that nudge we have when in tune with the Spirit? Did his wife look at him and say, “Now, Fred, you used that tone again.” (which he didn’t)

How many times have I felt the need to apologize and ignore it? I’ve been guilty of getting bit miffed with someone on the phone when felt as if I wasn’t heard and regret my tone. Yet, have I ever apologized? Sadly, no.

Whatever the reason for the call back, there is a lesson in it. For me, I need act when the nudges hit…or about knock me over (same thing).

How about you? What is a lesson you’ve learned this week?


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