I Can See Texas From Here

respectfully borrowed picture from cityskylineart.com

While I may have a few thousand miles between my home state and Texas, I can see you. It may not be in person but I can see you through the many images coming fast and furious on the television screen. And, while I may not see all of you and only what the media shows me, I see a bit of your heart.

I’m heartbroken for you, Texas. Sometimes miles can place a disconnect in my heart at times. “It’s not happening here” mentality if you will. I think, those poor, poor people and continue on with my life. Yet, this morning, I feel differently.

I saw image upon image of water surrounding those affected by the hurricane and flooding. I saw children and parents trying to survive. Elderly, those with illness, women with swollen bellies getting and waiting for help.

I see firemen, medics, police officers, military personnel, Red Cross, doctors, nurses, and many brave humans helping others through their own exhaustion. I remember the famous words of Mr. Rogers’ mother when she told him, “Look for the helpers. You’ll always find people who are helping.”

May I remember you, Texas, today and many days to come when I start to whine about this or that. Thanks for the perspective. Never quit helping. Stay strong, Texans.

Blogger and author (of totally awesome books that you totally need to read!) Melanie Shankle posted a list of trusted organizations accepting monetary donations. Check it out here.



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