When the Rain Falls

It’s so hard to understand. Hurricanes hit fast and furious. Flood waters rise in the blink of an eye. Millions left picking up pieces — materially, physically, and mentally. And, those preparing for another storm to hit, the anxiety of the unknown.

Rain falls.

Wind blows.

Waves stir, whirl and crash ashore.

People pray for mercy.

Have the prayers gone unheard?

Questions of why God didn’t stop this begin to roar.

I remind myself over and over again, He is God and I am not. I am ever so glad.

We will never know the answer to the age old questions we, mere humans, feel the need to ask. Yet, we know He is with us. He is in the storm. He is in the helpers hearts and hands. He is in those of us so many miles away who are sick with feeling helpless for those in the path. He is guiding our prayers. He is not sitting back. And, neither should we.

Prayer, financial gifts, material gifts, the gift of giving life giving blood, putting wheels on our prayers and perhaps physically going to help the devastated area.

Amen, what would you have me (us) do, dear Jesus.

There is no overnight fix this microwave society seems to love. The rebuild will take years. The physical and mental rebuild, too.

Perhaps this is our calling to practice kindness. To look one another in the eye and see a human in need of love and kindness — not color, not wealth, poverty or the in-between.

It seems easy to forget the pain and devastation when the media moves on to the next big story. But, let’s try to remember. Remember those still homeless. Remember not only those in our own country ravaged by the chaos but those in other regions ravaged by storms. Because it seems we all are in need of putting others in front of ourselves lately.

…we don’t know what to do but our eyes are on You.  (2 Chronicles 20:12)




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