Ten Days In

Ten days with participating with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has me all  . . .


It’s a lot of words y’all. 1,667 words a day might not seem like much . . . UNTIL you try it! Yet, ten days in I won’t let that word count goal beat me. I need to complete it. I’ve allowed myself to give up on too many things.

What has participating with NaNoWriMo taught me so far? And, God’s teaching me a few things as well . . . 

  1. It’s a lot of words
  2. Writing is hard work
  3. Perfectionism (is that the reason for not completing things in the past? Hmmm) and I fight. All. The. Time.
  4. When a novice writes this quickly sentence structure/grammar is downright embarrassing.
  5. “This is a first draft, this is a first draft, this is a first draft,” runs constantly through my mind when I want to highlight and delete every written word when #3 haunts me.
  6. I can take time for me and not feel guilty when I’m working on this goal, yet, why do I feel guilty taking time for me when I NEED rest?
  7. Focus is a muscle I’m constantly **squirrel** building.
  8. There is something gratifying when the word count is past the daily goal.
  9. The name may change but the character remains the same. Yes, even though I have a list of character names and characteristics, one character has had a name change but I have no idea where in the story it switched. Last name started out as Grady and has now become Brady. I think the character didn’t like his last name and changed it. Yup, that’s it.
  10. I need to go write. That daily word count won’t write itself.

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