Finish Line In View

I did it. I participated in NaNoWriMo and finished a 50,000+ word first draft novel. It’s an ugly little thing, yet, it’s my first ugly little thing I’ve ever finish. what-is-nanowrimo

The process taught me many things about myself. (see previous post) Some days the words flowed, other days–it was a downright struggle. And, sometimes ‘life’ likes to get in the way and hamper goals.

But, I’m ever so thankful for a friend, (looking at you, Julie) who has been down this road and is a published author, giving me the push I needed. I’m also thankful for all of my friends who knew I was going down this road. Thanks for not allowing me to quit. Accountability apparently needs to be my friend.

Then there is Thanksgiving. I mean, really? I’d like to know why the creators of NaNoWriMo thought November was a good month. I basically worked ahead so I could take that day off. Cheating? Nah, just creatively thinking ahead. Take that, creators!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it was a dark, stormy night. Just kidding, for real it was a good day, except for the pesky beginnings of a cold. While people jumped out of bed the next day running to the stores for Black Friday deals, I awoke without a voice.

This “cold” progressively got worse ruining a perfectly good weekend, I might add. Monday found me calling in to work sick, still without a voice and my employer barely understood me . . . oops. Tuesday I awoke determined to “power through” and go to work. I mean I just finished 50,000+ words, I could do this. Tuesday was a dark day. Wednesday, still no voice, I went to work but by noon I decided I wouldn’t come back after lunch. I squeaked my way through a conversation at my doctor’s office only to be told no appointment until Monday. “But, Urgent Care is open until 8:00 p.m.” If she could have only seen the daggers I was shooting at her through the phone because yes, I’ll go to urgent care and spend 2x or 3x as much money than I would have if you would have just given me and hubs an appointment with our doctor!!

Don’t even get me started on our health care system right now. Trust me.

So, because our insurance is not good at all, (oh and that is another subject you would be wise not to engage me in conversation) we were torn about going to urgent care. For about a minute. We were both miserable. Did you notice I said ‘we’? Yeah, Hubs woke up with the same thing on Thanksgiving Day. Yup, sharing is caring and all that. Today, Thursday if you are keeping count, finds both of us home trying to get rid of this thing. Fun times.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I just told you all about that besides I’m on two different medications and maybe those cause me to babble on more than usual. Maybe. Probably. I have no idea. Or maybe I haven’t been able to talk much above a whisper since Thanksgiving and I’m trying to make up my verbal word count. Yep, going with that one.

To come full circle on this post, I’m putting away said first draft until January. It will give me a chance to look at it again with fresh eyes and perhaps love it more than I love it now. Which would be a miracle because we are not on speaking terms right now.

And, maybe have my voice back by then . . .

Are you a start-it-and-not-finish-it person like me or an I-have-goals-here-me-roar type of person? What is one thing you’ve finished and have been surprised on the outcome?


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