Of a Checkout Line and Christmas


“Could I have just the bread and eggs put together in one bag , please?” The long conveyor belt hummed as it was finally our turn in line.

Smiling, “I thought you had put it that way for a reason,” as she pointed to the loaf of bread I placed on top of a dozen eggs.

“I’m picking them up for my dad,” wondering what lead me to offer the cashier information in which she more than likely couldn’t have cared less. I grabbed the already bagged items as I mentally zipped my lips shut.

“I miss my dad.” She quietly spoke as our eyes met.

I suddenly notice the two people with their full carts no longer behind us. In fact, not one person in line but us. Odd for a Friday before Christmas.

Ask her about her dad came a whisper into my mind as swift as an elf on Christmas Eve.

So, I did. Then, the conversation moved to her aging mom. Did we become best friends over common ground called aging parents whose spouse has passed away? No, but I have to believe God was in the moments she spent talking about her mom’s painful arthritis as continuing to scan my items. I have to believe He orchestrated the continuously empty checkout line as we talked parents.

As soon as the she totaled the amount owed, hurried shoppers with full carts pushed into our space.

Who knows, but God, if a difference was made in her day. I need to remind myself daily, it’s not about me so it is okay not to know the whys. We do not see the full picture, only part. I think the older I get the more I’m okay with “my part” of the picture as a lovely brush-stroke in His grand masterpiece.

May God’s whispers speak loudly in your obedience.

Merry Christmas!


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