The Dance

The day before Christmas, we received what some like to consider a gift. Snow. I’m not a huge fan.

My theory about snow? I’m ever so glad you asked. It is pretty, I’ll agree with the snow-loving readers about its beauty. However, until snow lands only on lawns, bushes, fields, trees and not  on sidewalks, roads and driveways, snow and I will agree to disagree.

There is a moment, though, when a snowflake dances gracefully until it brushes the ground giving itself rest, a final bow. Others join the lone snowflake until a beautiful, sparkling, white covers my little corner of the world. It sweeps away the cobwebs making it seem shiny and new.

As we learned in elementary school, each snowflake is unique; no two are alike. From inside my warm home, the snowflakes all look the same as they float down from the sky piling high upon the ground. Yet, if I join the snowflakes outside, and if I closely look at the snowflakes falling upon my black coat sleeve, I see the proof of uniqueness. snowflakes

This is where you are thinking I make the old, tired remark about how humans and snowflakes are alike in uniqueness. Although true, my mind goes elsewhere.

You see, I love the beauty of snow as long as I can have it my way. On my terms, in this case, from the inside of my home. But, I had to go outside with the snow, in the cold and wind. Honestly, it wasn’t long before I headed inside–to the warmth, to the comfort.

As the new year approaches, many make resolutions. I tend to over-think. Welcome to my over-thinking post. You’re welcome.

What if this coming year I made an effort to not watch from a window looking out. What if I actually move out of the comfort? Meet people where they are instead of expecting people to come to me. In all honesty, that was a little hard for me to type. Okay, a lot hard to type. I’m not that person. I’m not outgoing; I’m cautious. I’m a people-pleaser who is trying to “recover”; what will others think.

I’m not sure what will happen in 2018, but, God does. He takes the lead in our dance; just Him and me. My dance with Him will look different than your dance with Him. Rest in His plan–it’s the best way to rest.

May my ears, heart, mind, and feet, be attuned and willing.

What about you? What is the “nudge” you’re feeling for 2018 and beyond?


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